Friday, September 13, 2013

Online Advertising for Business Owners

When Was The Last Time You Saw This:

This Yellowbook, delivered to my driveway is still in the bag. I don't remember when it showed up. I don't even know how it made it through the door. All I know is, I never open it to search for a product or service.

You and I both know we go the internet just as naturally as putting on our shoes.

Fact 1: Statistics show that only 7% of people use the Yellow Pages Regularly and 53% never even use it at all.

Fact 2:  78% of all Americans use the internet on a regular basis.

Fact 3:  Customers see your business upon searching for you directly with industry terms such as “Baltimore Dentists”.

There Are So Many Options Available

As a business owner the internet offers many ways to advertise, but how do you choose?

1.  If you have a website GOOD!
2.  If you are using social media you are doing well.
3.  If your business is listed on the big three( Google, Yahoo, and Bing) you are doing better.

Take a look at this video and then make a decision to move your business to the next level.

Local Business Consulting will help you take advantage of the internet with website analysis, keyword research and search engine optimization.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Will Google Adwords Express Work for Your Business?

Google recently updated their Google Adwords Express

Take a look at the video from Google's YouTube Channel

Now that you have watched the video are you excited.. Can't you just see the customers flowing into your business? This is a great way for a small business owner to enter the pay-per-click market without having to know all the ends and outs of Google Adwords.
Before you jump in, here are some things you need to know:

  1. You must first have a Google Places Account
  2. The Google Places Account needs to be set up correctly
  3. Your ads can only be created with the categories Google offers.

Even though I like the fact that Google is attempting to make it easier for the local business owner to get into online advertising;if your budget is tight; like most small business owners;this might not be the best way to start off with online marketing.
Here are my suggestions:

  1.  Yes  - Do create a Google Places Account(free)
  2.  Setup a business page on Facebook(free)
Start listing your business on the online business directories i.e. Yelp, Bing, Yellowpages, Angieslist, and Manta just to name a few.  There are thousands of them out there.
Contact a Internet Marketing Specialist(hint,hint)

If you don't have a website there are still great ways to use the power of the internet to market your business.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is the Samsung Galaxy SmartWatch For You?

Samsung Releases The Galaxy Gear SmartWatch

This new addition to an already crowded market of gizmos is lighting up the tech world.

Scheduled to go on sale September 25 at $299; who is ready to jump right in and purchase?

The Smartwatch is:
  •  lightweight
  •  touchscreen
  •  messaging
  •  voice controls
  •  bluetooth
  •  hands-free calling
  • camera
  I love the fact that you can drop it in the toilet and is still works

Before you get all excited about the Smartwatch know that it only works with certain Samsung devices.

I Have a few questions:

If you lose your phone will your smartwatch find it?

What about internet browsing?

Will ads start showing up?

If you forget your phone can you still make calls or does your phone need to be in close proximity?

If you use the camera can you upload to your social media sites?

And most importantly how will businesses take advantage of  this new technology?

At this time it is just another gadget; but who knows, with upgrades and enhancements, the Smartwatch could become a "Must-Have"




Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Are You Using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Is Where Business Professionals Hang Out

LinkedIn  isn't just a networking service; it's a powerful service for business professionals.

If you are a local and small business owner, wouldn't it be great to connect to Owners, CEO's and Decision Makers; who have need of your product or service?

LinkedIn allows you to create a profile and start adding connections; you can search for connections by company, interests, and people. LinkedIn also allows you to upload your email list to see if any of your existing contact are using this service.

 Just remember this is not where you spam, This a place to connect, engage, answer questions, and even ask questions from the top experts in their fields.

One of the best resources on LinkedIn are their Groups. There are thousands of groups with 100's of thousands of members who are potential connections for your business. Most of the groups are open so anyone can join and start the engagement process.

People who hang out here are not talking about, Lil Wayne, Beyonce's baby, or what Justin Bieber tweeted about today.

These are business professionals with real solutions and also real problems, which you as a business owner can solve.

To help you get better acquainted with LinkedIn and it awesome possibilities; I have created an introduction Video. Please Check it out

If you need further assistance with LinkedIn or other Social Media Outlets.
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Location Location Location

Where Are You Located On The Internet?

I'm sure most of us have heard this phase. It has been used in both residential and commercial real estate.

For a homeowner the location of the home purchase is so important,that people will spend top dollar to be located in the right city, neightborhood, and street.

In the commerical world; for a local shop owner, location is important for foot-traffic.

Since my focus is on the internet I STILL use the phrase location, location,location.

location location location

What about your  search location, organic location, paid location

Some things just don't change in regards to basic marketing.
Your business needs to be where it will be seen.

If you are a local business owner, and have a brick and mortar location; not only is foot traffic essential to your business success, now your location on the web is just as important.

A vital fact: 80% of searches are looking for a product or service in their local area.  This should cause a light bulb to turn on.

If that many searches are done each month, what would just 5% seeing your business do for your bottom line?

Let's say you own a Landscaping Business: Google says there are
2.7 million searches done each month for the keyword "landscaping". 

I hope you are getting how location, location, location is just as important on the internet as the  shop on Main Street.

I submit to you that the corner shop can bring in customers from  your local community,  if they find it when they perform an internet search.

If you have not listed your business on the top search engines (Google,Yahoo, Bing), I have to ask why not?  Your competitors are!!  If you have not setup your Google Places listing, why not? Your competitors have.  Why give them all the (location) traffic.

Location 1 -Search Engines Listing
Location 2 - Online Business Directories
Location 3 - Social Media(Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter)

Local Business Consulting is here to help!
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Facebook Says They Want To Help Small Business Owners

I saw a tweet today about Facebook allowing anyone with a Business Page to promote it without third party applications.  

As I am always looking for ways to reach more people with my Internet Presence Service, I immediately clinked the link to the article:

Not one to rely on one source I checked out the Facebook For Business page and true enough;
Facebook is now allowing you to post to your status promotions and contest.

The best part about this is there is no charge unless of course you want to select the $5-$50 promote your post option.

I jumped right on this and decided to pay $15 to reach around 2,000 Facebook Followers:

I am now waiting breathlessly to see if this works!

I will let you know if this a successful way for any small business owner to create engagement and potential new clients with this method.