Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Are You Using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Is Where Business Professionals Hang Out

LinkedIn  isn't just a networking service; it's a powerful service for business professionals.

If you are a local and small business owner, wouldn't it be great to connect to Owners, CEO's and Decision Makers; who have need of your product or service?

LinkedIn allows you to create a profile and start adding connections; you can search for connections by company, interests, and people. LinkedIn also allows you to upload your email list to see if any of your existing contact are using this service.

 Just remember this is not where you spam, This a place to connect, engage, answer questions, and even ask questions from the top experts in their fields.

One of the best resources on LinkedIn are their Groups. There are thousands of groups with 100's of thousands of members who are potential connections for your business. Most of the groups are open so anyone can join and start the engagement process.

People who hang out here are not talking about, Lil Wayne, Beyonce's baby, or what Justin Bieber tweeted about today.

These are business professionals with real solutions and also real problems, which you as a business owner can solve.

To help you get better acquainted with LinkedIn and it awesome possibilities; I have created an introduction Video. Please Check it out

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