Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Facebook Says They Want To Help Small Business Owners

I saw a tweet today about Facebook allowing anyone with a Business Page to promote it without third party applications.  

As I am always looking for ways to reach more people with my Internet Presence Service, I immediately clinked the link to the article:

Not one to rely on one source I checked out the Facebook For Business page and true enough;
Facebook is now allowing you to post to your status promotions and contest.

The best part about this is there is no charge unless of course you want to select the $5-$50 promote your post option.

I jumped right on this and decided to pay $15 to reach around 2,000 Facebook Followers:

I am now waiting breathlessly to see if this works!

I will let you know if this a successful way for any small business owner to create engagement and potential new clients with this method.