Saturday, April 28, 2012

How To Support Your Community and Help Yourself

Did You Know There is a National Trend Happening Right NOW!

I am talking about a relatively new trend called "Cash Mobs".
If you have never heard of this, you are not alone. "Cash Mobbing" is being done all over the country and right now it's not getting a lot of media attention.

What is a Cash Mob?
A Cash Mob originated from the "Flash Mob" craze we experienced a few years back. A "Mob" would show up at a predetermined location; sing, dance, perform and then disperse.

Now all over the country and even the world, "Mobs are showing at predetermined locations and spending money. What's so great about this is, Cash Mobbing is being done at local small businesses. In today's economy, the small business owners are getting hit the hardest, and having a "Mob" show up at their storefronts with $20 or more to spend is a great boost for these struggling owners.

What are the Rules?

There are only a few rules:
  1. Spend $20;
  2. Meet three people you didn’t know before;
  • HAVE FUN!!!
Why Should You Bother?
You are a part of your community, and every business you support with a little infusion of cash, helps the community at-large.
After all they are your neighbors, friends, and family struggling to stay afloat.  GIVE THEM A LITTLE HELP.

How Can You Participate?

Groups are forming daily and are starting to appear on the social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Search Facebook and Twitter for cash mob and you will see a list of people and pages discussing their experiences and information on the next Cash Mob in their local community.

Are You A Local Shop Owner?

There is no money required from you. You only receive a few day's noticed that you are about to be "Cash Mobbed". Shops are usually selected by the existing groups who vote and talk up a business.

There is a way however to get your business name out there on the social outlets.

Here's a contest where you submit you name and give a short description of your business and you could be selected.