Saturday, March 25, 2017

Number One Question for Small Business

How Do I Promote My Business With Online Marketing?

Some cost-effective ideas to utilize the power of the Internet:

Potential customers will find your website using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the long term this could be one of your most dominant tactics. The perks of search engine optimization are obvious and measurable. How does SEO work? Very easily, if your website doesn't rank high in the search engines (hopefully the 1st or 2nd page) for your leading search terms (keywords), more likely your potential customers won’t see your listing. 90% of people who search online will not look further than the 1st page when searching for products or services. Web sites prominently displayed on the first page of Google or other search engines, get the most visitors, and this translates into more customers.

Social media marketing (Facebook,Twitter.etc) are just as competitive as Google, as social media platforms businesses are connecting with potential customers. Using Facebook and Twitter allows your business to create trust and exposure. Nearly everyone is familiar with Twitter and Facebook, and a huge amount of local and small businesses are taking advantage of this with increasing regularity. Why not you?. This is a free way to be seen by potential consumers who need your product or service. Creative use of Social Media will quickly and easily mark you as a knowledgeable business.

(PPC)Pay per click advertising – The PPC ads show on the top and right-hand side of Google's search results. This is a fast way to capture traffic to your site, but it can be costly. Also, this isn’t as effective as regular (organic) ranking. Over 80% of every click goes to regular listings with only the leftovers 15% going to Pay-Per-Click ads. One more downside to PPC ads is they stop showing when you stop paying, while the regular(organic) listing will stay for years without any more effort on your part.

Google Business (used to be called Places) – Most small businesses are geared toward their local community. If this is your business, your website must target your local area as city and state. When people use search engines to find products or service, Google knows their general location and will return results based on the search term. DO THIS FOR YOUR BUSINESS TODAY: Create a Google Business account with relevant information about your business and business categories. In some cases, your business will already be listed. You just need to claim it and enhance what Google already knows about your business. Local search results appear at the top of the 1st 1st-page results, before the organic listings. Test this out yourself by typing your product or service in Google and see what happens.

Your competitors are already using this great tool. Don't lose out! Potential new customers, especially, since this is a free service from Google.

If Local Business Consulting can help you with any of the above-listed items; please don't hesitate to contact us.
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Friday, March 24, 2017

Internet Marketing Without the Hassle

Finding a good  internet marketing company for your business can be tough. 

One internet marketing enthusiast is on a quest to change that.

 Marketing on the internet can sometimes feel as if you are learning something in "GreeK".  There are so many choices it is natural to feel out of your league.

  And to my surprise, there are companies here in America that still don't have a business website.  There are so many different voices out there with so many different viewpoints that most small business owners are ready throw in the towel from the frustration.

Most businesses are frustrated because instead of  wasting their time speaking with a salesman, they just want answers.  You want a company who is there to listen and help; to give you proper feedback, and to walk you through the process from A-Z. 

I recently spoke to a potential client about marketing their business on the internet. They have a website but have done little to nothing in ensuring their website will generate new sales.

So you have a business and you put up a website because someone told you needed one.  NOW WHAT? 

There are literally billions of websites out there. If they don't see you when they do a search for a product or service; then you might as well write a check to your competitor!

I understand small and mid sized business.  I know that what they really want is for someone to listen to their ideas and create solutions based on their individual needs.  At Local Business Consulting, we educate, we enlighten, and work hand-in-hand to develop a strategy for success, then we execute.” 
Local Business Consulting  does not see our clients or potential clients as money trees.

  We see a business that is trying to stimulate their own economy.  We see an opportunity to serve our local community.

For your Internet Marketing Maryland needs, get it touch with us today to see for yourself how it feels to be educated and helped, not sold.

Local Business Consulting,  a Maryland based  Internet Marketing Firm with national clients  desires to help small and medium sized businesses achieve their business goals.
Receive expert and knowledgeable skills that can help your website rank high in search engines. Please visit or call 301-943-3492 for a free no-obligation consultation today.