Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is the Samsung Galaxy SmartWatch For You?

Samsung Releases The Galaxy Gear SmartWatch

This new addition to an already crowded market of gizmos is lighting up the tech world.

Scheduled to go on sale September 25 at $299; who is ready to jump right in and purchase?

The Smartwatch is:
  •  lightweight
  •  touchscreen
  •  messaging
  •  voice controls
  •  bluetooth
  •  hands-free calling
  • camera
  I love the fact that you can drop it in the toilet and is still works

Before you get all excited about the Smartwatch know that it only works with certain Samsung devices.

I Have a few questions:

If you lose your phone will your smartwatch find it?

What about internet browsing?

Will ads start showing up?

If you forget your phone can you still make calls or does your phone need to be in close proximity?

If you use the camera can you upload to your social media sites?

And most importantly how will businesses take advantage of  this new technology?

At this time it is just another gadget; but who knows, with upgrades and enhancements, the Smartwatch could become a "Must-Have"