Thursday, April 14, 2011

Local Business Online Advertising Nightmare


As a local business owner you have heard the advertising, seen the TV commercials about how you need to be on the internet!

Yes, I agree a business owner needs to take advantage of the internet for their online marketing and advertising.

If you take a look at the graphic I created then you know these maze of terms should be able to help you, but your focus is on your business and making it successful.
So, I would like to help you understand what these terms mean, and how they can help you in your advertising needs.

1. Google Places- free business listing for local business owners(absolutely free)

2. Free Websites - there are hundreds of companies offering free websites and free hosting of your website. Some of these are very good. I recommend you take a look at this one if you don't have a website. 

3.  Social Media Networks-there are literally thousands of social media networks out there - the top three are Facebook,Twitter,and LinkedIn. These sites offer you the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers, add new connections, and create your business profiles. As this can be time-consuming to manually post to all these networks, there are Social Bookmarking sites available.
Check this one out - OnlyWire 

4. Search Engine Optimization- This is the process where search engines(Google,Bing,Yahoo to name a few), review your site by something called "crawling". The search engines look for keywords, content, and backlinks to your site.  From this information they determine how to rank you in their search engines(will you show up on page 1 or page 101). You can see how important having your website optimized helps in getting new clients.
Side note: if you have a website with flash images and no text content you will never be picked by the search engines.

5. Directory Submissions - a business owner can signup and submit their business listing to these sites.  Most of them are free for a basic listing. Some have a premium service for more expansive listings.

6. Youtube and Adwords - I decided to combine these two because they are so closely related. I know you have heard of youtube and probably have visited to watch a video. The great thing about Youtube is they now allow you to promote a video and even promote your ads which show up on "partner videos". This is where I also speak about Adwords. Since Google owns Youtube they have combined advertising on both. You can create a Google Adwords account and run ads on both Google and Youtube. This is great way to get your business seen. This can be costly if not implemented correctly.
  A good internet marketer can work to keep your costs to a minimum.

6. Blogging - Now here is a great way to keep your business and any updates to your products and services on the forefront. Just like websites, blogs are picked up by the search engines and ranked based on content. There are also blog directories which search for new blogs and new content.

I hope this information was helpful. I encourage you to take advantage of the online advertising opportunities available, as you can be sure your competitors are!

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