Monday, May 30, 2011

What Is Organic Traffic?

Organic Does Not Mean Fertilizer

How is everyone on this wonderful Memorial Day?
First let me give a shout out to our veterans who serve all over the world to protect and defend the United States from enemies far and near.  I have two sons in the military and am proud of their service to our country.
When most of us think of organic we think of all the health food proclaiming to be organic this or organic that.

My discussion today will about search engine traffic and what it means when you read or hear about traffic which is organic.
Organic Traffic is when people click on your website without you have to pay for it. This is good news for us small business owners with a very limited advertising budget.

So, then, the question I know you are asking is how do I get organic search traffic.  I am glad you asked.  One of my favorite ways is to make sure I am taking advantage of all the free online business listings that are available.
If you haven't added your business to online directories, here are a few: Just click their links and check them out
There are literally thousands of them out there - most of them are free with a premium service to those of us who have a little monthly cash to throw their way.

Here is a graph from my Google Analytics Page

 Direct Traffic: Traffic which comes when is typed in the browser or clicked from a link
Referring Sites: This can come from many places and these can be both paid and free ex. I run Facebook Ad and if someone clicks on the ad this is considered a referral. Also is some clicks my link from my Facebook Fanpage this is also considered a referral.

Search Engine: This is the one I really love. Say someone is looking for internet marketing help; They might use this search term in Google and either my website link will show up or my Google Places listing will appear.

Run your own test and put  in a search term which describes your business? Is your company listed?  If so, you are making the right steps to ensure potential customers can find you.

IF NOT? Don't wait! Get started today implementing some of my strategies to get your company listed and found on the internet.

My best and most recommended way to get organic traffic for the local and small business owner is Google Places. Or course, Yahoo and Bing also have local listings for business, but since Google has most of the search traffic; this is the place to start.

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