Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Odds and Ends

What Are The Little Things Needing Your Attention?

Growing up in a household of 12+(their was always an extra relative or two); each week the girls in the family were assigned a  task: Laundry, Kitchen, Bathroom, etc., and the all encompassing "ODDS and ENDS".

Since my mother never remembered who the Odds and Ends was assigned to; She would just yell out:
"ODDS and ENDS" which meant the person with this job for the week would try to hide. (LOL)

Let me be truthful: I hated when "Odds and Ends" was my assignment for the week. You see: all the other tasks could be completed and you had the  balance of the time for your yourself, but "Odds and Ends" meant you were on-call. It didn't matter if you were trying to read, watch TV, or play outside; When she called out "ODDS and ENDS", your life became hers!
This is the way most businesses operate. There are so many pieces and little oddities which must be taken care of in order to be successful.

Have You Taken Care of Your ODDS and ENDS?

1. Are You Using Internet Marketing For Your Business?
2. Have You Checked Out Your Google Places Listing?
3. Have You Submitted Your Business To The Online Directories?
4. What About Optimization for Your Website?
5. Do You Know How Your Competitors Are Using Internet Marketing?

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For the business owner; these little tasks have not yet appeared on your radar. But they definitely should be.
The internet is not going away and more and more local business owners are using the internet to market their business.
 Start off 2012 with a clear plan to take care of your "ODDS and ENDS"