Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Google Places Account Should You Have One?

When I first learned about Google Maps and how it allowed for businesses to claim their listing; I knew this would change how Google would view page ranking. Then Google changed their service from Maps to Places.
Here is how this works; Say you have barbershop in "smalltown" USA.
Google knows the general location of the computer when a person  searches for the keyword barbershop and will return listings for barbershops within that geographical area.

Here is where Google Places comes in and can help you out if you own a barbershop in "smalltown" USA.
Go ahead and try this and you will see listings alphabets A-F beside them.

They show up on the first page don't they? And you immediately notice them.

So why wouldn't you as a barbershop owner not want you business name to be on that first page of a Google Search?

If this is you, barbershop, auto repair, whatever. You need your business listed if you expect more customers coming thru the door.  After all 70% of online searches are for products or services.  Will Your They Find YOU?

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