Monday, March 28, 2011

Is Your Business a Kinetic Military Action?


I have been listening to and reading about the Obama's administration description of our miliary's involvement in Libya.

The phrase has now become famous or infamous depending on your point of view.

This phase "Kinetic Military Action" or KMA for short peaked my interest in using the phrase from a business standpoint.

OK, let's dig deep:

Kinetic: pertaining to motion, caused by motion, energized.
Military:pertaining to war or soldiers
Action: something done or performed.

Now you may know the meaning of each of these words; but put them together and you get a unique way of looking at your business from a militaristic point-of view.

Do you see your business as a military campaign? If not why not. Even Facebook and Google uses the term "Campaign" for their Pay-Per Click Services.

Do you see your competitors as your friends?
Are there "Actions" you are performing everyday to increase your business, get your brand out there, and bring in the customers?

So you can see how I view this "Kinetic Military Action" as a business concept we engage in everyday. We may have a different name for it, but we are implementing it all the same.

If you view your business as a military campaign; there will strategy, resource allocation, best weapons to use, and even a coalition of sorts to help you accomplish your goals.